Crochet Yourself a Sophie’s Universe Today

What a beautiful pattern by Dedri Uys! This is the second Sophie’s Universe I have done and it is so much fun! There is so much variety and creativity in this pattern that it’s hard to believe a mere human could have written it. Genius!!!

Did I mention that it’s actually not that hard? I mean, if you are a beginner with some experience in reading patterns and you want a challenge, you can do this! Dedri Uys explains each round in so much detail and includes pictures of each step along the way.

Oh, also, Sophie’s Universe is available for free online! Just google it. Buy a bunch of yarn in colors that you love and do this. You will have such a sense of accomplishment afterwards and your self-confidence as a crocheter will be sky high. And, of course, you will have a priceless one-of-a-kind heirloom afghan!

My crochet buddy Dave. 😄
Sophie’s Universe #1 (2019)

Sophie’s Universe

This blanket is called Sophie’s Universe and the full pattern instructions can be found on the site

Ok, this was a BIG project. I mean it’s a queen sized blanket, so it’s physically big, but it was also very involved as far as the amount of pattern instructions that I had to read. It was fun though. If you ever get super bored with the easier projects where you just do the same pattern of stitches over and over and want to challenge yourself I would definitely suggest Sophie’s because you are never doing the same thing for very long. Every day I was like, “ok what are we doing in the next round?” There were all kinds of stitches that were new to me like front post double trebles, extended stitches, and surface overlay, and I know that I am a better crocheter after making her.

That being said, the pattern is written with so many hints, tips, notes, and pictures that, as the writer says, it’s really something an “advanced beginner” can take on. All the stitches are explained fully and she even anticipates mistakes the you might make and puts warnings in there!

I used worsted weight acrylic in ten colors – blues, purples, and browns, and although the colors aren’t all in my preferred palette of neutrals and grays it made my eyes happy each day as I crocheted to look at these colors. I changed colors on every round except the tan butterfly band near the outside edge. There were a lot of ends to weave in – more than 200!

Sophie’s has row after row of tulips and roses. I tried to make the leaves and stems green and the flowers pink or purple.

I loved working on Sophie’s Universe and during the work I would fantasize about the next one and what colors I will use. It took me several months to make (definitely the longest stretch of time I ever spent on one piece), but I love the way it turned out and I will definitely do it again!