Very Simple Flower Granny Square

This pretty flower square is so simple – it will let whatever colors you choose take center stage! I elected to do the squares in bright colors with a gray background…however I think pastels with a white background would be stunning as well. Here’s the free pattern:

Color A

Make a magic circle

Round 1: Ch2, (counts as 1st hdc), 11 more hdc in circle, sl st to ch2

Color B

Round 2: Join in any hdc, ch2, dc, (counts as 1st dc2tog), ch1, * dc2tog in next st, ch1, rep from * 10more Xs, sl st to 1st dc2tog

Round 3: Sl st to ch sp, ch2, dc3tog in same ch sp, (counts as 1st dc4tog), ch3, *dc4tog in next ch sp, ch3, rep from *10 more Xs, sl st to 1st dc4tog

Color C

Round 4: Join in any ch sp, ch3, 2dc in same ch sp, *ch2, 3dc in next ch sp, ch1, 3hdc in next ch sp, ch 1, 3dc in next ch sp, rep from * 3 more Xs, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch3

Round 5: Sl st over to corner sp, ch3, 2dc, ch2, 3dc in corner, *ch1, 3hdc in each of next 2 ch sp, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in corner sp, rep from * 3 more Xs, omitting last corner, sl st to 3rd ch of beg ch3.

Casual Granny Crochet Along

This bedspread is from a Crochet Along, or CAL. The idea behind a CAL is that the pattern is released incrementally over a period of time, such as every week or every month, and people all over the world can work on the same project at the same time. CALs are usually a little challenging and complex, however the results are reliably stunning. By joining a CAL, you can be part of a group of people that can inspire and support one another with the project.

This CAL, called the Casual Granny CAL, happened back in 2018 and, as that was two years ago, the patterns for all ten of the different squares are available for free on So awesome! The blog’s creator, Mandy, has done a fantastic job of writing out all of the patterns in an easy to understand manner as well as including “tiny tutorials” for any tricky stitches. She says on her site that she wanted people doing her CAL to be able to go at their own pace, pick their own colors, and do any or all of the squares for their own project – hence the “casual” in the name. No pressure!

I chose to do the blanket in four colors – teal, mustard, coral, and light gray. I used the double crochet join-as-you-go (JAYG) technique – which I absolutely swear by. All of the joining and the entire border was done without breaking the yarn once!

My favorite of all ten squares was the trickiest to get the hang of – the heart granny square. The pattern calls for several mid-round color changes so you are instructed to carry the non-working yarn through the back of the square in order to pick it up when needed. I hadn’t done that technique before, but I picked it up readily enough thanks in no small part to the simplicity of the way in which the pattern is written. And it was worth it! Just look at those hearts – so super cute!

The Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket

The Grandma Spiked My Ripple Blanket is a pattern by Darlisa Riggs that you can find for free on Ravelry. (Thanks Darlisa!)

I’m one of those people that feels like the basic granny stitch looks old-fashioned and even boring, so I love when people come up with new and different applications of granny stitch patterns.

This pattern is gives the basic granny ripple a modern twist by making the middle double crochet in each triplet a spike stitch. It’s a relatively small adjustment, but it makes such a difference! The ripple ends up looking a little fuzzy, hence the name.

If you are like me and find the traditional granny stitch boring, or even if you love the granny stitch but are ready to try something just a little different, you should give this wonderful pattern a try!