Crochet Yourself a Sophie’s Universe Today

What a beautiful pattern by Dedri Uys! This is the second Sophie’s Universe I have done and it is so much fun! There is so much variety and creativity in this pattern that it’s hard to believe a mere human could have written it. Genius!!!

Did I mention that it’s actually not that hard? I mean, if you are a beginner with some experience in reading patterns and you want a challenge, you can do this! Dedri Uys explains each round in so much detail and includes pictures of each step along the way.

Oh, also, Sophie’s Universe is available for free online! Just google it. Buy a bunch of yarn in colors that you love and do this. You will have such a sense of accomplishment afterwards and your self-confidence as a crocheter will be sky high. And, of course, you will have a priceless one-of-a-kind heirloom afghan!

My crochet buddy Dave. 😄
Sophie’s Universe #1 (2019)

4 thoughts on “Crochet Yourself a Sophie’s Universe Today”

    1. Thanks! You’re the best. (I’ve been following your chronicles of carbohydrate frustration and am hoping you find a happy vegetarian (ish) solution btw.) I edited the post to add a shot of my first Sophie’s.

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      1. I forgot, Be, to say right up front that your little kitty is ADORABLE. Tabbies are swoon-worthy, and that’s the truth. 😀
        As for effort no. 1 – no .. I cannot decide between them. They’re both stunning; and I’m full of admiration for the journey.

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      2. Thank you again! You really are too kind for words. My little Dave is such a big lover of a kitten (always purring) and he learned about not chasing that irresistible string of yarn very early in his young life so we do get along very well!!

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