It’s a Girl! Blanket

This cute little baby blanket features the (slightly modified) Delilah square by Vanessa Smith of Hooked on Sunshine, and is put together using a braided continuous join.

I recently discovered the continuous join, or join-as-you-go (JAYG), method for joining squares, and just like that *snap* my aversion to granny squares is gone!

My problem with granny square blankets wasn’t making lots of squares – it was joining them. I hated sewing them together. I hated crocheting them together. I really hated weaving in all those ends! Never again! With the JAYG method I joined all the squares for the It’s a Girl! Blanket and did the whole border without cutting the yarn once. All thanks to the crochet genius who came up with JAYG!!

One thought on “It’s a Girl! Blanket”

  1. Ah, but ! – there are lots of JAYG methods, and whichever you chose is particularly good, Becca; it suits the overall pattern.
    Goodonyermate ! 😀


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