Mosaic Crochet – My First Attempt

Mosaic crochet is a beautiful niche crochet technique in which you use single crochets, chain stitches, and special double crochets to create a interwoven pattern.

I had never attempted this type of crochet before because it looked complicated and downright difficult, but when I saw the pattern for this Chic Modern Mosaics Blocks Throw on I knew it was time to give it a try. The reasons I chose this pattern to try mosaic crochet for the first time were twofold…

1. The pattern was written out in the standard crochet language that I am used to, as opposed to being just a graph, as many mosaic crochet patterns are. (Though once you get the hang of mosaic crochet, I’m sure the graphs are easier to read.)

2. The throw is done in only two colors which can be carried up the side as you go, rather than having to break the yarn and weave in ends (ugh) every time you change colors.

For those of you who haven’t tried mosaic crochet patterns before, I will tell you that once you understand the “rules” it’s really not that bad. I’ll explain the rules in one sec, but there’s also a special stitch that you’ll need to know. The mosaic double crochet, sometimes called the special double crochet is a double crochet (dc) that is made in the single crochet (sc) that is three rows down and in front of chain stitches from the previous two rows. So really just a double crochet that’s just a little longer than normal.

Now for the rules – which are basically pretty simple:

⁃ For two color designs, you will be doing two rows of each color, and carrying the other color up the side of your work.

⁃ The first row of each color will consist of sc’s, chains, and mosaic double crochets (mdc).

⁃ The second row of each color will consist of sc’s and chains. The sc’s will go into all stitches from the previous row and the chains will be made above the chains from the previous row.

⁃ Mosaic double crochets will be made in front of the chains from the previous two rows into a sc of the same color three rows down.

That’s basically it! If you’re up for trying a new crochet technique that looks more difficult than it is, then you really should give mosaic crochet a try!

8 thoughts on “Mosaic Crochet – My First Attempt”

  1. I SAY ! – congratters, old bean ! For your first attempt, this is amazingly good. I hope you feel very smug about it. [grin]
    The method I use has a different .. ‘look and feel’, you might say; Marly Bird’s method has you going in both directions, thus the little spikes. When my order from Ice Yarns arrives, I’m going to do Tinna’s ‘Thule’, and I shall be very boring about it. 😀


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