The Magic Knot

The Magic Knot is a method of joining yarn very securely without having to weave in ends.

I had seen this technique around the internet for quite some time, but for some reason waited until just recently to try it. Verdict: It’s actually very easy and useful and I should have given it a chance long ago!

What you have to do is line up about ten inches from the end of the working yarn parallel to about ten inches of the new yarn. Tie a loose single knot with the working yarn above the new yarn and then tie a loose single knot with the new yarn below the working yarn. (One must be above and one must be below.) Then tighten the single knots slightly and pull the long ends away from each other.

You will end up with a tiny, secure knot joining the old yarn with the new. Trim the ends as closely as you can and keep crocheting or knitting the yarn as normal.

(This method of joining will leave a very small bump in your work which may or may not be noticeable depending on the stitches.)

I find that the Magic Knot is ideal when you are working without changing colors or for when you want to change colors randomly. However, it would not work well when you want a new color for a new row or round because you would need to predict on exactly what stitch your old yarn would end and your new yarn would start.

On the whole, I wish I had tried the Magic Knot sooner. It would have been ideal to use in these virus shawls instead of weaving in ends.

The first two are made with self-striping yarn and the last one is all one color so I could have used the Magic Knot on all of them and it would have been super secure and virtually unnoticeable. Oh well, at least I know about it now and I will certainly use it a lot in the future.

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