Men’s Striped Scarf and Hat

This is a really simple scarf and hat set that I made because I needed something to make for my husband and he likes neutrals. Well he likes black mostly, but he ended up really liking the gray, white, and black color scheme of this set. It goes nicely with his black leather jacket that he wears as his winter coat.

I guess you could say that I made up my own pattern, but it’s really so simple, you don’t need a pattern. I used Walmart Basics worsted weight yarn. I like it because it’s two dollars for a skein and it has a nice feel in my hands. Great for scarves and hats because it’s soft and stretchy when crocheted. My Walmart doesn’t carry that many colors of Basics, but what they do have is actually really nice.

For the scarf I did 16 rows of single crochet in gray, 2 rows half double crochet in white, 5 rows double crochet in black, and 2 more rows half double crochet in white. I repeated that pattern of rows until the scarf was about 6 feet long. I began and ended with the gray, and I made the rows 20 stitches across.

Like I said, this “pattern” is so simple that a beginner like me could make it up. You could also modify the scarf in any number of ways. I would love to do this in different colors (or just replace the black with a color), and maybe try back loop stitches when changing color to give it more texture.

The hat was also very simply done. I started with a magic circle and used all double crochet stitches. There are tons of patterns and tutorials online for double crochet beanie-type hats. They all follow the same basic steps of increasing rounds until you reach the width that measures the same as the top of the head, and then keeping the number of stitches the same until you reach the length you want.

For my hat, I did gray for 6 rounds, then white for 1 round, black for 3 rounds, white for 1, and gray for the rest. At the end I did two rounds of front post double crochet in every other stitch to get a nice ribbed look, however you can’t see that because I folded up the bottom of the hat, which my husband thinks makes it look better when you wear it. When it’s not folded up the hat has a slouchy beanie look that I love, but my husband thinks is too hipster. 🤷‍♀️ Either way, he looks great wearing this hat and scarf so I’m very happy with it!

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