Leaping Stripes and Blocks Hat and Scarf Set

Lately I’m really into making scarves and hats for two reasons: They are usually pretty (1) simple and (2) quick so you get to finish a matched set project in just a couple of sittings. Oh yeah, and (3) they make awesome gifts for friends, family, kids’ teachers, bosses, anyone really.

I found these free patterns (thank you!) on the excellent Moogly blog, here and here. I made the scarf first and it was actually pretty easy because you carry the yarn up the side of the scarf rather than having to cut it and weave in the ends every time you switch colors. (I simplified by only using two colors instead of three.) Then you hide the carried yarn by doing a single crochet border around the whole scarf. The technique of stitching into the previous row was new to me, but the only stitches that I had to do were chains, single crochet, and double crochet so I didn’t have too hard of a time, and I like the look of the finished scarf. 🙂

Then I started on the hat. So much for not cutting the yarn when switching colors! I changed colors seven times so I had to weave in 14 ends! I shouldn’t complain, because weaving in ends is a necessary and important part of crochet (how crappy would a hat look if you didn’t weave in the ends?), and fourteen’s not that many, but I guess I wasn’t expecting to do it at all because I didn’t have to weave in ends with the scarf. Ok, now that I got that whining out of my system 😭, I really like the hat! It matches the scarf perfectly, and I love the technique that they give you for making the brim (thanks again Moogly!). They show you how to create the brim with rows of back loop only single crochets that are already attached to the hat so you don’t have to sew it on later. Genius!

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