Toddler Hat and Scarf Set (Using crossed double crochet)


    My mother in law had some of this Loops and Threads yarn in soft lilac left over a baby blanket she did. I knew there wasn’t enough for another baby blanket, but there was quite a lot left over. I ended up making this toddler size hat and scarf using the crossed double crochet stitch.

I started out with the hat. I knew I wanted something pretty for my two year old niece as a gift so I literally did an internet search for “pretty crochet hat.”  Wow, did I find a ton of cute patterns  that fit that criteria!  I settled on this Caron Pebbled Texture Crochet Hat that I found on the Yarnspirations site. It’s a free patten that you can instantly download, and there are different sizes available. I was using a number 3 light weight yarn instead of worsted weight (and a G size hook) so I ended up following the directions for the adult size and it fits her two year old head perfectly. 😀

     In the main body of the hat the pattern calls for alternating rows of double crochet and then crisscrossing front post double crochet. The front post stitches really give you that great “pebbled” texture, and the are pretty easy for a beginning crocheter. (I’ve only been crocheting for four months now, albeit obsessively.) The only other thing I did differently than the pattern called for was starting out with a magic circle instead of a chain. It was a little difficult to learn at first, but I love starting hats that way because you can pull it tightly closed and there’s no hole at the top of the hat. I also opted not to add the pom pom because the ones I make tend to fall apart when messed with by little kids. 😜

     I wanted to make a matching scarf so I did a search for “crossed double crochet scarf” and this patten by CraftElf was the first thing that came up. It looked like the perfect scarf to go with the hat. Again, I followed the directions for the adult size because of the lighter weight yarn and smaller hook that I was using. This pattern calls for alternating rows of single crochet and crossed double crochet, which is slightly different than the hat, because there are no post stitches. It works great for the scarf, however, because you want the back to look good too. With post stitches the back of your work can look quite different than the front. I also added 4 rows of back loop only single crochet to both ends of the scarf so that it would match the hat better. All in all I am happy with the way the set came out and my niece loves wearing it around the house even though it’s still August. 😄

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